FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/26/2012

What would you tell an incoming freshman about ENC 1101 and/or ENC 1102? What would you suggest that they do to prepare for and succeed in these classes? What do you wish you had known?

If I had to explain to an incoming student what the ENC courses were I would say they are extramly easy courses that takes a lot of critical thinking and a lot of writing. In order to succeed in this course you must stay on top of your assignment topics and due dates for the papers assigned.Learning the MLA format is tricky the first time learning it, but the more papers you write the better you will become at writing just make sure you keep your papers on topic and follow the instructions by the teacher.When i first syarted the ENC course i wish i knew how to write in MLA format and learned how to cite my sources properly.


As mentioned in class, surfers in Cleveland, OH


Eric Sahrmann.

Tupac Shakur the Rap/ Hip-hop legend who died was shown in a holographic performance at a concert in 2012 Tupac who was killed 1996 said “Whats up Coachella” this concert was never even thought of until 3 years after his death This is modern technoogy at its best it makes you wonder what will they come up wiith next


Hello Holodog


Hello Holodog


Mary H. K. Choi on When to Ignore Web Memes | Wired Magazine